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The jasonzahn.com annual (and semi-annual) event archive

jasonzahn.com hosts annual events. Since the site is a workshop as much as anything, I change code and underlying data structures all of the time. As a result, some of these archived events may no longer display as once intended. You've been warned

Football Survivor Challenge

jasonzahn.com's Football Survivor Challenge

The classic football survivor pool, picking one winner per week, never repeating the same team twice. jasonzahn.com also offers the wrinkle of picking a loser every week, as well.

  • 2008 (Hawkman, Los Angeles, CA / tiffjs, Denver, CO)
  • 2007 (birkettnealy, Seattle, WA)
  • 2006 (PUMPERDUNK1 W. Babylon, ny / LUCKYDOG LEESBURG, N.J.)
  • 2005 (BEEJAY, Richmond, IN)
  • 2004 (JAKEMG, Antioch, IL)
  • 2003 (JCEAZAN, sf, ca)

Movie Awards Challenge

jasonzahn.com's Movie Awards Challenge

Pick the winners of the various categories in the annual movie awards, bidding points on each pick depending on your certainty.

Tourney Challenge

jasonzahn.com's Tourney Challenge

A classic college basketball tournament pick-em bracket.

Pennant Fever

jasonzahn.com's Pennant Fever

Predict the winners of each division in baseball. The longer you hold your picks, the more points you potentially earn.

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