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THE RULES - jasonzahn.com GAME SHOW!

Thanks for playing the jasonzahn.com Game Show!

The rules are pretty simple, but do require some explanation. Now, granted, the game isn't exactly programmed like this, but for the sake of explanation, pretend you're standing in the game show studio, buzzer in hand and your host (me) tells you this:

We've polled 100 people from a recent studio audience to best complete today's phrase. Your job is to guess which answer received the most votes (the winning answer) and, as a bonus, the answer that received the fewest votes (the losing answer.) Remember, there can be more than one losing answer - three or four answers will sometimes receive only one vote each, making them all losers.

You'll normally receive points equal to the percentage of votes your winning answer response receives.  HOWEVER, as a bonus, if you correctly predict a losing answer, you'll DOUBLE your points for the day! But think carefully, if the answer you predict to lose actually turns out to be the day's winner, you receive NO POINTS - so watch it!

If your WINNING answer turns out to be a loser for the day, you'll receive no points and no credit for a game played, so think carefully!

ALSO you have the option to double your days' points take twice a month - BUT ONLY TWICE. In other words, if you're confident that you've got a runaway winning answer and are pretty sure you've doubled it up with a good losing answer guess, go ahead and check the 'double my points today' option. If you're not confident of your answers, don't bother using your free double. Or if you're just desperate for points, go ahead and use it. I usually end up doing that.


If you have any questions regarding the rules, feel free to email me or take it up on the message board.

The jasonzahn.com Halls of Fame and Shame welcome entrants from the jasonzahn.com Game Show from each monthly edition. The Hall of Fame will welcome the contestant with the highest overall point total (the overall winner) and the contestant with the best points per game average (and has played more than half of the games) The Hall of Shame will welcome the contestant with the lowest overall points per game average (and played in more than half of the games.)

I've enjoyed putting the game together and I hope you enjoy making it a quick part of your daily routine. Have fun with it and tell your friends! There are new puzzles every weekday - none on weekends.  There's a new edition with a fresh start every month.

Thanks for playing!

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