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  1. Pick a winner in each category.
  2. The first pick in your list is worth 15 points, the second pick 14 and so on. You may click and drag any pick up or down the list (for more or fewer points) depending on your confidence.

When making your picks, you will be unable to submit your picks until you've selected a winner for each category.


People often ask me, "Jason, what do I get if I win an event at your site?" And I say, "What do you mean? Other than immortality in the jasonzahn.com Hall of Fame?" And they just look at me. And then I say, "That's it." And they're still just staring at me, and I'm starting to get angry, so I throw up my hands, "Are you too good for immortality??" Then there's a bitter, silent tension which I break with a gentle hug.

The moral of the story, you ask? You know what? First you ask me what you win, now you want a moral, too?? Listen, sometimes there is no payoff. Okay, Mrs. Wisenheimer? Life is ambiguous. There is no moral. And then one day it's all over. You're dead.

That is, of course, unless you're immortal.


Member Score
1. smkraft120 pts
2. kraftar120 pts
3. leighjk116 pts
4. richcole99112 pts
5. TedZahn111 pts

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  • 2013: TedZahn - 105pts
  • 2012: kraftar - 105pts
  • 2011: zahnej - 110pts
  • 2008: nikatnyte/smkraft - 39pts
  • 2007: Bobby4th - 39pts
  • 2006: Quint`sRevenge - 37pts
  • 2004: smkraft - 42pts
  • 2003: richcole99 - 36pts
  • 2002: TedZahn - 37pts

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